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Apr. 10th, 2011

Woke up at 5:15am, got myself cleaned and dressed and headed off to the station to catch my train.
Got to london about 10:00am, took the Underground to Angel and wandered to the buisness design centre.
Where there was a MASSIVE FUCKING QUEUE.
Fuck me it was long, but it moved quite quickly, so I was inside in about 5 minutes.
Once in, I headed off to find the HMV booth where the Merlin signing would be held, and bumped into HolmesInTheTardis, whom I had met previously at 'Our Private Life'.
Eventually, my mate arrived and we waited for about 2 hours for the signing.

And the queue moved forwards and forwards and eventually, I was faced with Angel, Katie, Bradley and Colin.

Angel said 'Hi', signed my DVD boxset and passed it on to Katie who wrote a frickin' essay on the box, and she then shook my mate Katie's hand and told her that slowly but surely, Katie's were taking over the world xD (Ohmygod, I love her.)

Bradley said a rather enthusiastic 'HELLOOO' and I was just like '. . .hi?' (nerves), then he asked if I had a donation (they were collecting for a children's charity), and I did and he signed my boxset, and then Colin said 'Hi', was a bit quiet, signed and gave me my boxset back. BUT I MET HIM. HE WAS THERE AND I MET HIM, AND IT WAS GLORIOUS, IF NOT SLIGHTY AWKWARD 'CAUSE HE DID LOOK LIKE HE WANTED TO KILL SOMETHING.

So, I said thanks and was orf to find the auditorium for the panel, which didn't take long.
Then we went in, sat down and the panel started with introductions and such, then the Q&A took place.
I managed to ask my question, which was 'Is there any particular costume that makes you feel most in character?'.
Someone then shouted out 'except Merlin', and I was like, ' well, yeah, he only has one costume really. . .'.
Katie said her costume for series 4 made her feel most like Morgana, Angel didn't have one, Colin didn't answer and Bradley was all about the chainmail and having his knights around.
He talked a lot about the knights -eyebrow-

I can't remember any other questions, but I'm sure there'll be a vid on youtube soon.
After the panel, there was a short interview held downstairs, so I went and watched that too and got some better photos.

Then they were off into the sunset, back to Wales.

The rest of the con was pretty good too. They had it set out on three levels, so it wasn't all too busy. The stalls were good, there were artists and writers and games and a few good panels.

But I can honestly say I can die happy now. It was the best day ever. After three years of missed panels and signings and screenings, I finally got to meet them. And they're all wonderful, honestly, truely wonderful. I couldn't ask for anyone better to appear on mah TV screen on Autumn Saturday nights :D

Kapow! Comic Con

Okay, so last week, I wasn't actually going to go to this, but then I thought, fuck it, and bought myself a ticket for the Saturday.
Hopefully this will be the time I meet them, 'cause I've missed so many oppourtunities.
Not going it cosplay, because that would be a bit n00b-ish of me, but I am looking forward to it :D

I will update afterwards with any news on Series 4 and pictures and junk!

Frankenstein 2.

Holy bloody hell in a basket.
What an incredible performance I did see.
Benedict Cumberbatch as Frankenstein, Jonny Lee Miller as The Creature.

Frankenstein SpoileryCollapse )

Death Cab For Cutie


Colin, Benedict, DCFC.
All in one year.

My mind cannot cope with the awesome.
I think my brain has melted.

Look, there it is.
Pile of brain-goo.

Mind you don't slip on the way out. . .


Sooooooooooooo, as you may know, The National Theatre will be broadcasting two live performances of Danny Boyle's 'Frankenstein' (starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller) to cinemas worldwide on the 17th and 24th of March 2011.

And I have just bought tickets to the 24th March performance in York.


This means I will have seen both Colin Morgan and Benedict Cumberbatch in the space of one month.
I may just explode from happiness and joy and love and stuff.
-flails about-

All About My Mother

Yer, so my local library had the DVD of this in, so I thought to myself, 'Oh, why the hell not you creepy obsessive fan girl type person. Watch the film, you know you want to.' So today, I rented it and I watched it, and it was awesome :D

I can totally relate to Esteban. Shame he dies within 10 minutes, but waiting around in the rain to meet a favourite actor? Yeah, that's me ¬___¬;

I hope I don't become a creepy creeper.
I'd like to think that I'm quite polite and appreciative to the 'celebrities' I have met in the past.
I don't scream in their faces or barge through to them, always waiting until everyone else has had their turn, then asked for an autograph and thanked them afterwards.
Though I do wish I didn't get so attatched, because it's not healthy >_<

Ooh, I also bought the book 'Vernon God Little' (I had a little 'Plays What Colin Has Been In' spree today, shuuuush), so I shall post a review of that once I've read it.

So many books to read, so little time. . .

Our Private Life

Spoilery, so behind a cut:

HereCollapse )


It was quite a fruitful trip,m this one. Usually my trips to London involve MCM Expo, or a gig, but this was a Uni trip, so we actually explored and such.
I did manage to spend £350, but that was on silk, trim and buttons for a costume I'm making for an amateur production of 'Dangerous Liaisons' at Ampleforth College.
Well, here is my week, or what I can remember of it. All of the days kind of merged into one. . .

Well, I didn't actually manage to get to sleep on Sunday night, so I stayed up, which was a terrible idea. I felt so sick, like I was about to pass out and every movement of the coach made me want to hurl.
Luckily, I managed not to, but at the service station we stopped at, it was pretty obvious I wasn't of sorts when my blood sugar dropped dangerously low and I started shaking and almost fainted (y)
I felt marginally better after something to eat, but still felt like crap, so when we eventually got to the hotel in London, all I wanted to do was sleep.
But, unfortunately, we had to go meander around the British Museum. Which we did for about half an hour before skipping out and going to Starbucks. . .
We did get to go back to the hotel for a little bit, but at 6:00pm we had to leave again to go on the Jack the Ripper tour, which I quite enjoyed despite wanting to crawl around instead of walk.
We were led to some of the murder sites and learned the history of the women who were killed, and at one point were taken past where they filmed the Diagon Alley scenes in the Harry Potter films ^^
Then, finally, sleep.
I think I was asleep within 5 minutes of my head hitting the pillow. . .

Felt much better on Tuesday morning, especially after some toast.
In the morning we made our way to Kensal Green cemetary, where we were given a tour of the catacombs, which was cold and a bit creepy, being surrounded by dead people and all that, but interesting.
We then got a tour of the cemetary itself, and I saw a squirrel fall out of a tree.
It was a beautiful moment, for it sort of cartwheeled through the air.
The squirrel was fine, don't worry. It scampered off when we went to see if it was okay.
In the afternoon, we went to Goldhawk Road to scour the fabric shops for fabric suitable for the costumes we'll be making.
I couldn't find anything for mine, and after about 3 hours of searching, I was getting really pissed off, until we went in a shop that we'd missed the first time up and down the street, and I found some beautiful red silk, so I bought the remainder of the roll.
Then back to the hotel to freshen up before we made our was to the Adelphi theatre to see Love Never Dies, which was amazing.
I don't care what the critics thought, I loved it!
The costumes were gorgeous and the Phantom (who was just the understudy) did an incredible job.
The ending, however, was a bit. . . derp, and kind of rejects the end of the film.
But it doesn't follow from the film, it follows from the original stage play, so it doesn't really matter. . .

So, this morning we all trekked off to the National Portrait Gallery, which was a bit derp, 'cause we couldn't take photos and to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of museums and galleries unless I'm interested in the subject/era.
So, like with the British Museum, half an hour inside and then off to a bench outside.
Where we all congregated to try and save a pidgeon that had wire wrapped around it's foot.
I'm not kidding, we were there for about 15 minutes trying to catch this thing before we got bored. . .
We also went to Berwick Street to raid some of the shmancy fabric shops, but everything was faaaar too expensive and made me want to cry.
Then, we trekked all the way to Covent Garden and meandered about the place for half an hour before we got a tour of the Royal Opera House, which was pretty interesting as we got to see backstage.
Good lord it is a large place o_o

Thursday was another shop raiding day.
This time we went to the shmancy haberdasherys Barnett Lawson and McCulloch and Wallis in which lots of money was spent of some trim and buttons.
I'll not divulge how much was spent on said trim and buttons, but it almost cleared me out D>
Then we went back to Berwick street for more fabric shopping, but I just went to a cafe for a well needed sit down. . .
And in the evening, we went off to the Haymarket Theatre to see The Rivals.
Which was crap.
Our tutor left in the interval, the costumes were pretty much falling apart and the dialogue made me want to stab myself in the ears.
I didn't enjoy it al all. . .
But that's just me.
Other people were laughing, so I suppose it was meant to be funny.

Firday we got the morning off, so after checking out of the hotel and putting our suitcases in the storage room, I managed to escape with some friends to Camden :D
Which was all still closed when we got there, so we wandered around the market for a while, then up towards the shops, dropping into Waterstones, where I finally found a copy of Paper Towns by John Green.
After my little happy dance, I flicked through the copy of Looking for Alaska sitting next to Paper Towns, and a FREAKIN' NERDFIGHTER NOTE fell out!
It made my freakin' day!
So I wrote a not myself, slipped it into the other copy of Paper Towns and kept the other note for myself.
It is currently being used as a bookmark :D
Then we loitered around the Underground station for aaaaaages waiting for my mate from Reading to arrive.
Which she did.
Late, as usual ¬__¬
But we wandered around the Stables Market, Sai Sai and Cyberdog and watched her spend all her money :D
And then we got noodles from Little Japan and had to leave Katie to go back to the hotel, pick up our suitcases and get on the coach back to Scarborough.
And somehow the coach driver had managed to get a pirate copy of Black Swan.
Which was obsure as fuuuck.
So, I won't be seeing that again any time soon. . .

All in all, it was quite a good week, despite being annoyed to hell by one of my hotel room mates. . .
I managed to buy the fabric I needed for my costume, which is under construction, so I may have some photos up soon ^^

A shiny new LJ!

And I'll try and bother to use this one.
And learn how to use it properly.
Though this is a really stupid time to make a new one 'cause I'm orf to London next week and won't have my laptop >_<

Oh well, I'll least I'll have lots of stuff to tell you about when I get back :D